February 19th, 2014


Приступ РПЦшной высокодуховности?

Оригинал взят у paus144 в Приступ высокодуховности?

Посмотрите на это высокодуховное лицо настоящей российской патриотки - может, вы ее узнаете?

Потому что я не знаю ее имени.

Я не знаю, кто она по профессии, образованию, социальному статусу и политическим пристрастиям.

Я вообще не знаю, откуда она и зачем приехала в Стокгольм как российская туристка.

Я не знаю о ней почти ничего - кроме одного факта, который очень сильно охарактеризовал ее как настоящего российского ура-патриота.
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Он-лайн из Киева. День 2

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Вчера и сегодня был штурм Майдана. Майдан простоял. Вот самые последние новости с Украины (ведь теперь это не только Майдан - во всей стране что-то происходит).

22:49 (20:49) Видео захвата администрации в Житомере

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Maidan, Kiev, February, 19th . Chronicle.

Оригинал взят у varlamov.ru в Maidan, Kiev, February, 19th . Chronicle.

In the last days I received multiple requests to translate my posts for foreign readers, as they have very limited information about the happenings in Ukraine. I've been monitoring situation in Kiev for several days, and here's the chronicle of todays events, translated to English. Russian version is here. Sharing and distribution is appreciated.

thanks to Dmitry for translation.

Morning of February 19:
- It is difficult to get into Kiev and move around. Underground railway is not operational, because of the pretext possible terrorist attack, entrances to the city are blocked too. Some reports about main roads being blocked by trucks with sand. Last night all cars, which went to the Maidan were searched. Airports are still working.

- Information from other regions: At Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil protesting mob seized the regional administration building, then MIA field offices and prosecutors, which were defeated. In Ternopil there was also captured armoury. In Lviv, the police refused to fight with the opposition and lay down their arms.

- Officialy confirmed: 25 people were killed (16 - civil, 9 - law enforcement). injured - 350, 241 - hospitalized. Unofficial evidence are very different and difficult to calculate.

- 28 journalists were injured. Here is a complete list.

- Statement by Klitschko: "Yanukovych has inadequate reaction to the situation. Everything he said - is that the opposition leaders have urged people to stop the confrontation on the Maidan and lay down their weapons. I believe that the government should immediately withdraw security forces and stop the bloody opposition, because people are dying. And I said this to Yanukovych. While bloodshed, which negotiated could be? Unfortunately, he doesn't have understanding of the situation".

- Yanukovych's silence has run out, he appealed to the people where he is blaming the opposition. But he does not want to use force, and wants to talk.

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